How to get affordable translation

High quality for reasonable price

The best way to get high quality translations of foreign documents is to work with experienced translator who has a minimum of five years of expertise within the individual language combination. For example, if you wanted an English to Hungarian translation, you would need a translator certified in that specific combination.

You also wish to choose translators who are working into the native tongue. Therefore if you would like a translation from another language into Hungarian, you want to make sure that your translator is a native Hungarian speaker. If you've got a document in English that you need in Hungarian (for instance), then you would need a native Hungarian speaker to do the work, who also speaks English fluently.

Now in terms of the most affordable way to get certified translations, you will need to request a minimum of 3 quotes from completely different translators and/or translation agencies to make sure that you are being fairly charged. Certified translations are usually charged by word, with an estimate of the overall number of words within the document. Rates can vary depending on the language combination. 

But be aware: not all translators and translation agencies provide the same quality. If the work time and/or price offer on a job appears to good to be true, it most likely is and there are probably multiple translators and/or machine translation involved in the job, which might lead to inconsistencies in the final product.

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