5 reasons to work directly with the translator

How to stop wasting your time and money

  1. Lucrative investment of your time

    Communicate directly with the person dealing with your documents. You can call him directly any time, since if he takes the job, he will be available to you, that’s him interest, just like yours. Just compare the clumsy communication chain of client – agency – translator – agency – client with calling the translator directly and instructing him he should modify the text here and there. On the other side, if he has any issues with or regarding to the source text, he can contact your professionals directly, too, immediately eliminating any obstacles preventing him to deliver you a high quality translation.

  2. Fair business

    Translation agencies are powerhouses of exploitation. Every year there are less and translation agencies treating their subcontractors as human beings. It is a common practice that they build up a huge database of translators and they make sophisticated online platforms and IT systems to automatically notify their translators about each potential assignment. The ultimately goal is to make translators fight for each and every job. At the end, almost invariably, the one offering the lowest fee is assigned the project. Of course, this cost saving will not be reflected on the amount the agency is charging you. Instead, this rat race will have its toll on the quality of translated text you receive for your money. Bottom line is, if they pay beans they get monkeys – and if they do, you do, too.

  3. Low prices

    You can save about 50% if you eliminate the middlemen from the process. This is just simple, basic economics. If you need explanation to understand this, please stop reading this article now.

  4. Sensitive documents

    When you send out a document to an agency, you will never know about how it will be treated. While agencies always have them translators sign some kind of silly Non-disclosure Agreement, they are unable to enforce it, since they need to make the documents available for the translator. The problem is that you never know who is the actual person looking at your documents. Additionally, it is quite possible that the person translating the document is actually the subcontractor of the subcontractor of your agency, and you have little control over what is happening to your documents. On contrary, when dealing directly with the translator, he will be the only person given access to those documents, which drastically reduces any chance of misuse.

  5. You work with the professional
    Most of the employees of translation agencies are neither linguistic professional nor expert in the subject of translation. Most of the time they are administrative workers who have some basic skills about handling office applications. Their daily task is nothing more just receiving the source file from the client, sending it out to the translator and when the translator finishes work, they send it back to the customer. Today many agencies successfully automated this process, which tells a lot about the value of the skills of a Translation Project Manager. Some translation companies might fool you by telling you that they have very good in-house translators, but this is a lie. Good in-house translators quickly realize that going freelancer is not only more lucrative for them, but gives more control over their job and opens more possibilities for improvement. Ultimately, most translation agencies do nothing more but try to block your access to the pool of professional translators.

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