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Machinery and dumbness do not mix

Everything wrong with being a poser in an industrial environment

Just take a look at this. You don't have to suffer through all the four minutes of the video, the most important shots are in the first seconds. The rest is irrelevant. The song is in Hungarian, but now let's focus on the visual stimuli - the lyrics are hotchpotch anyway.

It is quite obvious that an English to Hungarian freelancer technical translator is not the target audience of this... thing, Thanks to the terribly tuned, election rigging Facebook newsfeed throwing this to my face, I have to release all the pain and anger. Consider this post my posttraumatic attempt for self-healing.

So here is everything wrong with this one.

  1. One does not simply work half-naked or wearing loose, half-buttoned overalls in a car shop. This will surely cause some nasty accidents.
  2. A car shop must be evenly and properly lit, with light fittings providing sufficient amount of light.
  3. The minimal requirement of good editing is continuity. Here the actor grabs a wrench, then the next shot emphasizes that he is working without any tool, just to show him posing with the tool again in the following shot. This is a textbook example of terrible editing and continuity error.
  4. Somebody making such uneven, random and unnecessary weld seams should not ever touch any equipment releasing an electric arc and/or operating over the melting point of steel. I understand that before shooting they explained the model how to hold the welding torch to make it emit spectacular sparks, but damn it. Negative. Do not. Simply just do not do.
  5. Beard is not cool anymore. It is where it always belonged to, on the garbage heap of oblivion, with all the other hipster accessories,

Of course, pop music, masculinity and industrial background sometimes does mix. Here is a beautiful example, Szerelmes vagyok (I am in love) from Bëlga. For the not really well done English version click here.

By the way, do not let the header image mislead you: I am not making fun of Kayle, intending to use her beautiful smile as an illustration for dumbness. The engine oil stained princess is simply the gorram best mechanic of the Verse, which is one very good reason not to mess with her. What you see here is she laughing with me at the stupidity of the first video.

I think while reading this you forgot something, didn't you?

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